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A Better Mormon - Become Part of the Solution of Pornography Addiction

Watch this video right now to learn the shocking truth about pornography addiction

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Learn the Whole Truth About This Destructive Addiction, and What You Can Do To Help Yourself or Someone Important in Your Life Overcome It For Good

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In this free 7 CD series for Latter-Day-Saints, you will learn why this is such a problem and how you can be part of the solution. There is no credit card or purchase required at all. Simply enter you information and we will email you the CD program as an audio file.

In CD 1 you will discover:

  • The shocking percentages of Christians affected by this- both men and women
  • What wellmeaning LDS women are doing that makes this worse for their husbands and sons
  • What PORNOGRAPHY and CHOCOLATE have in common
  • How much pornography affects Pastors and church leaders
  • And much more!

In CD 2 you will discover:

  • The simple steps you can take TODAY to make your home a safe place
  • Where most guys pornography issues actually started- You might be surprised
  • How women are accidentally exposing their husbands and sons to porn
  • And much more!

In CD 3 you will discover:

  • That 90% of kids get exposed to pornography- and what to do to make sure your child doesn’t.
  • Why pornography is so addictive and so hard to QUIT- and the steps that must be included to STOP
  • How what most people do actually makes the issue WORSE- and how to HELP
  • What happens when women try to COMPETE with porn
  • What happens when Christians REFUSE to talk about SEX
  • And much more!

In CD 4 you will discover:

  • Why this issue is worse for Latter-Day-Saints and how to change this
  • The shocking reality of the future of Christians and Pornography
  • What the LDS culture is doing to make this worse
  • The message we inadvertently send to young people that almost guarantees they get hooked
  • And much more!

In CD 5 you will discover:

  • The startling trends that will become our reality if we don’t change course
  • What our churches are doing to help this and what can make it much better
  • How this issue is driving men right out of the church
  • How to make our churches more like hospitals instead of country clubs
  • And much more!

In CD 6 you will discover:

  • The 7 steps any recovery effort must include if you want it to really work
  • The truth that will set him free
  • What real recovery looks like (not the illusion of recovery)
  • Why your brain doesn’t want you to change- and how to work with it
  • And much more!

In CD 7 you will discover:

  • The destructive thing that 99% of us are addicted to- and what to do about it
  • A powerful technique to instantly reduce stress – that you can use right now
  • The 3 pillars of healthy living and how to easily incorporate them into your life
  • What every person- addict or not- must know to be part of the solution
  • And much more!

Plus the bonus CDS: In Bonus CD 1: Day 3 of A Course in Creation- Stories We Make Up

  • You will identify the family patterns that have held you back
  • You will get clear on the stories you have been making up in life
  • You will find the “blind- spots” that have been running in your life
  • And much more!

In Bonus CD 2: Day 4 of A Course in Creation- Clearing Out The Weeds

  • You will see how the Ego has been driving your life
  • You’ll have a life changing shift in how you view yourself
  • You’ll release old patterns that came from your family
  • And much more!

Whether you’re a leader in your church or community, a person struggling with an addiction yourself, or you’re concerned for a loved one, this FREE audio program will help you learn how to quickly overcome the challenges brought on by this destructive addiction. Don’t wait another day to bring healing and health into your life and community!